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Electro Expo Ltd.

Following the success of the Chocbox - and with it’s inventor Peter Moule establishing a great working relationship with Duncan Bannatyne and James Caan - Electro Expo Ltd has become an investment vehicle for products and ideas considered both innovative and viable for its chosen market.

To date, it has invested in several products and ideas, some more widely recognised as founded by James and Duncan on Dragon’s Den, such as the ‘rapstrap’ and ‘Blindsinabox’. But others have been lucky enough to secure investment by pitching directly to Peter.       

What are Electro Expo Ltd looking for? Well, people who have a clear idea of what they want (plus the skills and strength to pursue their goals) are more likely to be successful. But these skills are not necessarily prohibitive. If the idea is viable we are well placed to drive it forwards as entrepreneurial success depends largely on the quality and suitability of the ideas behind the business.

The idea must be both innovative and viable, to have the power to attract, convince and motivate people with wildly divergent interests - such as customers, consumers, investors, employees, suppliers, distributors and so on. It must offer something new and something judged as valuable by potential customers. 

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