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To have any chance of making it as a successful product or service in its chosen market, an entrepreneurial business idea has to find the right balance between two potentially conflicting forces.

The need to be innovative (have something sufficiently new about it so that it is both attractive and competitive).

The need to be viable (you need to have sufficient resources, capabilities and potential customers to bring the product to market and achieve your financial targets).

Assuming your idea is a viable one, you will need to be possessed of patience! Lot’s of it! It doesn’t happen overnight! Every step demands diligence, time and often money. The following guide takes you through the general process of pursuing your idea towards market:

1. Patents. The most important step is to protect your Intellectual Property (IP). To do this you will need to engage the services of an IP Attorney. Read more »

2. The design stage. Initially we use a computer program called Solid Works to create a three dimensional virtual prototype of your idea. In its correct format, it can alleviate the need to manufacture the product  in a  tangible form, saving time and money. Read more »

3. Prototype. If a working prototype is essential, then this is the time we will produce it. While in many respects, producing a prototype isn't compulsory, it's generally regarded as a key part of the commercialisation process. Read more »

4. Pre production The process of preparing the product for introduction into the marketplace. Read more »

5. Sales and Marketing. This is the time to define your market as accurately as possible so you have a deeper understanding of exactly who you're selling to. Read more »

6. Manufacture A great idea makes no money until it is produced and sold in multiple units. Read more »

7. Accounting Put simply, accounting is called "the language of business" - crucial to your new ventures success. Read more »

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